The word ‘Qavi’ originated from Urdu language, which means ‘Strong’, ‘Resilient’ and ‘Competent’. Just like the name.

About Qavi Technologies

The word ‘Qavi’ originated from Urdu language, which means ‘Strong’, ‘Resilient’ and ‘Competent’. Just like the name, Qavi Technologies is a perfect demonstration of resilience, competence and strength within the modern world of technology. We are a team of highly skilled, experienced and top-ranked professionals, that are specialized in full-text search, data analytics, cyber security and more implementations. Our headquarters are currently located in Karachi, Pakistan, yet we are remotely serving our client all across the globe, successfully.

At Qavi Technologies, we fully understand the significance of search, performance and security for an online business, and this is the primary reason that we always strive to deliver the best when it comes to search and performance, so that our clients always get the best possible user experience.

What We Do?

"Code Your Vision, Redefine Tomorrow."

Optimal Search

Optimal search has become vital for every website, because you cannot be successful, if you do not appear within the user search. While searching for anything, users anticipate instant results in the form of precise information and hassle-free options, so that they can quickly filter their desired information from their search results.

Customized Search

At Qavi Technologies, we have successfully implemented customized search features to various high-traffic sites, and also helped them attain better scalability in a very cost-effective manner. We have worked for diverse industries and websites of all types and sizes. To specify, our industry experience includes optimizing and customizing search for ecommerce, blogs, large scale forums, and review sites etc. For further details, you can have a closer look at our project portfolio.

Staff & Consultant

Our service support staff and consultant are always available to pleasantly answer your queries and concerns. All you need to do is to simply drop a contact note to begin the discussion.

Scalable & Super-Fast Search Engine

So, if you are in search of relevant, scalable and super-fast search engine solutions, then we can turn out to be a perfect choice for you. At Qavi Technologies, we strongly believe in developing strong and long-term business relationships with our clients, while ensuring their optimal satisfaction, longstanding success and consistent growth.

Transparency and Integrity

Regular code reviews and audits

Comprehensive project documentation

Open communication channels

Ethical data handling practices

Robust security measures

Our Technologies

Choosing the best technology for your projects

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